Problems with not found

I am having trouble connecting my site. I had not problem with another site through Go Daddy, but this site is through and isn’t working yet. My domain is

My 000webhost subdomain is

I have connected via nameservers. When I look up my domain via whois, it shows 000webhost’s nameservers.

When I look at My Domains page on 000webhost’s site, it shows Ready. There is a something in red to the right of the word “ready”, but it is blocked by a box titled “What’s a Domain?”, so I can’t see what it says.

I tried connecting with the CNAME and @ option, but doesn’t give an option to input @ info…just info for CNAME.

Any thoughts?


Hi! We’ve reparked/relinked the domain and it loads good now. Not sure what went wrong; probably one of our NameServers timed out.

Please clear your browser cache, flush your DNS and reload your domain :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thank you so much!

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