Problems with the name of website



I’m french and i try (several times), to type the adress of my website in the first form.
There’s always mistakes, so i delete the adress and my account.

I add www. then i try directly the name without this but the result is the same : the correct adress with the right name don’t appear in my list if website.

Now, i have this message “a website with this name already exist”!!!

Can you help me ?



Can you expand a little more?


What domain are you trying to use?


For the moment I don’t have a domain.

I have seen the offer : domain + hosting free


Can you tell me how can i change the name of my website.

For the moment this is :



Yes that is a valid URL.

If you wanted to change it you’d need to go to settings > general > delete

Then start again with a new URL


for the first time this works !!

I try by 5 times to do this process and before it doesn’t work.

Thank you for you help.

Have a nice evening.


Sorry to hear about that!

Hopefully smooth sailing from now!

Any more issues get back in touch! :smiley: