Publish does not update my site EASY WEBSITE (Zyro)

Hi My user is infotiendadecajas. I have made some changes in my web site (hide a menu item and modified some sourcecode). Changes are shown in the preview. I publish. It shows the “Completed” message, but I go to my real website but changes are not published.
I signed out and in and changes are not lost in zyro but I publish time after time and changes are not effected in the public site.

Try hitting CTRL F5 on your real website?

Sorry I have done it and it does not work- Thanks for your help.

So what should your site look like?

Like this. No Tienda Menu item

Same thing happened to me yesterday, was changing account email address, thought it have something to do with it, but new mail has been confirmed.
Was adding gametracker banner, and it is not appearing, also if I move the existing one’s to another position it does not get updated on the web.

I will inform developers now

I have the same problems with Zyro builder in a new account I created yesterday. Initially I was able to create a simple web selecting a random template and published well. But later, after doing some changes to the website texts I push the “Publish” button, but changes are not applied to the website.

I also tried the “Reset Your Website” option from the “Website Settings > General” panel, but it shows the message: “An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.”

And the same message appears when I click on “My Sites > +Create New Site > Create”.
“An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.”

No problem will inform developers regarding Zyro.

Hi everyone, i have a page named “clubdetiromiguelgrau” but now 000webhost change that url to… always i could change somethings from the cpanel and appears at “clubdetiromiguelgrau” without the second part, but now changes are updated in the url with “.000webhostapp”… can someone help me to return the updates at my original page, thanks so much

I’ve checked your free URL and it appears you’ve linked your custom domain

Please use the domain to access your website and it loads fine

Hi, but I can’t do updates at my custom domain in the CPANEL, because when I save and publish the changes, these can’t update

Are using website builder?
If you are the changes should just apply to both, when users link a custom domain all it does is render the content from the free-domain which it seems to be working at the moment though?

Press ctrl and F5 on your custom domain to see if it updates the changes you’re lacking

Yes, I’m using the website builder, but I want to change updates and I cannot do that. The website builder doesn’t update my custom domain anymore since today. I need to update, please.

Can you screenshot your builder and then your custom domain and show me the differences when I load it it seems to be loading the correct version

Hola, estoy creando mi página web y añadiendo nuevos temas y al actualizar para publicarlo, no aparecen las nuevas actualizaciones al visionar la página.

Si me pueden indicar que es lo que me puede estar pasando.

La pagina es esta.

Un saludo y gracias

I’ve HOPEFULLY added all the affected users above to a ticket that developers will investigate likely next week now as we’ve hit Saturday :frowning:

If you aren’t on the list and you are having Zyro issues do post your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL not your custom domain below.

If you just post your part before 000WEBHOSTAPP.COM if you are a newish forum member to avoid the spam system - for example if you own INFINITYCOFFEESHOP.000WEBHOSTAPP.COM then just post your URL is INFINITYCOFFEESHOP :wink:

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я публикую новую версию сайта

все успешно
но если смотреть сайт он остался таким же
(я обновлял страницу)
что делать?

Added to ticket :slight_smile: