Publish Your 000webhost Website to Bing


Hi everyone!

Online indexers are the best way for your website to receive more and more visitors every day. They are a way of making your website and its services more accessible as well. In this tutorial I will guide you to index your website using Bing ( search engine.

  1. Please browse this URL:

  2. You will reach this page. Just input your website URL with the path to your homepage (without http(s)://) and complete the captcha. Then press Submit

Done! Your website has been submitted to Bing, and it will appear on its search engine next time Bing crawls the web :wink:

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How i can share my website to facebook and instagram?

Nice tutorial :smile:


That’s a handy tip.
I noticed it only indexed my home page and the reason is that I have drop down navigation menus that are include by script, which the spider isn’t seeing. To check what site map the bot will see I used this:

Then I included a static invisible link to my drop down navigation menu.
That solved the problem :innocent: