Publishing problem in Zyro ..server error


I am facing publishing problem in zyro. I can open my site. “server error” or "waiting… " problem is issued. sir please help as soon as possible my website is not working properly.

Thank you…


There is an ongoing server maintenance :slight_smile:


even when? i need my website , and i have problems to login zyro and my website builder.


Zyro is undergoing a little maintenance and we’ve yet to receive an update to when it will be over sorry!

We’ll have to keep waiting and see! :sunny:


I too am having issues with my site. It was working fine until yesterday afternoon.
Should I be working on it myself or continue waiting.


I can only assume @mantas.daraciunas still has work to do with Zyro!

Sorry guys apologies :frowning:


Thanks for the response infinity. Funny thing is that I have another website on the same account that is unaffected.
This problem started after an attempt to publish stalled and failed. Perhaps the connection was lost and something became corrupted.
Actions and Observations:
I backed up my Greenglue website, and restored it to a new account under a different website name, and the server error was still there. I was however, able to create a new website with out the server error using a template using the new account.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.


Hi @tank3977

Can you PM me your two emails? (affected and non-affected one)


Zyro was working again yesterday, not sure is it was something I did or something that Zyro did, but it WAS working, so I made a heap of changes and published successfully. I did not complete all the changes that I intended to do, so I went to finish this morning and to my horror, zyro has reverted back to an old draft, so I i publish now, all my work from yesterday will be lost.
I understand that this is a free service, but as such it is offered as a free service and should work as intended.

Is there a way to update Zyro website builder from the data on the live website?


Now all my uploaded media files are gone…What are you guys doing?


@tank3977 Don’t worry, All your uploaded media are safe, As said previously…Zyro is under maintenance and Admins are working on it.
All Zyro issues will be solved soon.


Thanks for the reply!!


A new day… A new issue.
Cant publish. Gets stuck on “building Website”
Hopefully someone can shed some light on this one now.


I’m having the exact same problem (stuck at “building website…”) since some 5 or 6 hours ago… Really need to get some things published for advertising reasons, but am stuck at this… =/

Hope it gets fixed soon…


The devs are working hard on fixing it. :slight_smile:


It’s working again! Yaaayyy!!!