Query about free hosting but now i have to upgrade


I first joined this site because of the free webhosting from 000webhost. Now i can’t access my site and after logging in I’m being told i have to upgrade to hostinger for over $2 per month. I just want to know when the site stopped doing free webhosting?


We are not stopping free webhosting…
Where’d you see that?


When i try load my site it says i have to upgrade to view. I click on upgrade and it shows me a monthly payment of $2 something per month. How do i fix this if we not having to upgrade? I want to display the site like normal. Everything used to work but now I’m getting the upgrade message.


Can you screenshot this I don’t see it currently?


I deleted all the files and now all of a sudden it says your free website has started but when I upload index.html it keeps saying i have no index file.

[quote]You see this page because your website doesn’t have “index.php” or “index.html” file in public_html folder.
Create index file
Below you can see your current files in public_html folder.

then under that it shows that i do have have the index file in the folder.


Looks fine here,

Press CTRL + F5 on your site maybe?


yeah because i had to create a file called index.html using the website, i then edited it. Went to my computer and copied all the code from my backup and pasted it in the edited file and saved it. I then copied all the other files from my computer to the cpanel and the site works. I don’ t know why it was saying that i have to upgrade to view the website… I hope if someone has the similar problem to mine that this post will help.


If it says you need to upgrade PLEASE SCREENSHOT and provide it here.