Question About: Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL



According to the 8th rule of Basic Posting Rules, more than 24 hours ago, I do not have access to my website The error “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL” appears frequently.

At Cpanel everything seems fine. I have access to PhpMyAdmin where it can be clearly observed the structure of the database.

The data of access to the database: (Host, User, Password, Name), is correct in configuration.php file.

I respectfully request your kind help.

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Can you provide me with your 000webhosturl?


Thanks and a5650021


Are you 100% sure you are using the right details…

#5 This is the url that I use to enter my website. I bought this domain. Is this what you need ?. Can you please tell me where I find the information you require?

I do not have access to my website The error “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL” appears frequently.

I use 000webhost hosting. The domain is paid, the hosting is free.

Thank you again


I mean are you 100% about using the correct username, database and password to connect?

Can you provide a screenshot of your database page on



Hmm odd, I have raised this with an administrator; I’ll post when I’ve an update sorry.

Would you be interested in signing up to with a new email, uploading your code and seeing it it resumes order?
I know the old control you are on is being phased out so take backups and keep them safe!


The website was working properly and momentarily it stopped working. I haven’t done any changes to the website by that moment and I haven’t now, the database remains the same it was when I created the web site. When I try to enter the website, the system provides the next mesagge: “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL”. (I would like you to take into account that I am a joomla programmer. I set my whole website and it worked perfectly until yesterday. It is not a matter of passwords, I can tell).


I’d advise in the meantime while we check this out to visit > new account with new email > upload your site files and import the database and see if it performs like it should.


Good day,

I need to keep the account details. The website, from one moment to another, stopped working. The problem of accessing the database continues. Could you please solve the problem? I have three websites hosted on their servers and on all three sites I had the same problem, access to the database was fine. After a couple of days everything is restored. Currently, access to this site has been presenting a failure of more than three days, with no apparent solution.

Please, I request your help. I know I am using a free hosting service. For my future plans it is very important to have a guarantee of its operation and the quality of technical support, even in a free user environment.

I know that they can solve the problem without creating a new account, which would create many logistical difficulties.

Let me be optimistic about your timely help.

Respectfully, thank you.

Sorry for my English.


Can you create a new account at with a new email and upload your site files and import your database to see if this solves the issue?
It could be that the old control panel is being deactivated soon and features are already deactivated in the panel too.


Are you kind enough to tell me how to copy the database and restore it to the new site? Thank you


Yes of course!

Within phpMyAdmin you should see your databases listed.

Select a database, then hit export

Once you hit go it will download to your computer

Now click the next database if you have more than one and back it up also.

Once you’ve migrated your account, launch the new control panel and open phpMyAdmin, you’ll see a similar screen

This time choose import

Select choose file and find your .sql database you downloaded and import it.

Once imported you’ll be able to view the tables like before…


My phpmyadmin appears like this:

The procedures that you kindly tell me, differ substantially from the user interface that phpmyadmin displays. Can you upgrade the version of phpmyadmin? Thanks again.


Same as above hit export :slight_smile:

Then go! :smiley:


Appreciated expert, thanks to his excellent contributions and after executing the command to export database, the web site returned to the air! And is fully operational. How much the world needs people like you !. What a great person you are !, Thank you for your kind and unconditional support. A cordial greeting from Colombia.