Question about upgrading hosting account



During the Black Friday deal (95% off or something ridiculous) I bought premium hosting. I haven’t used it ever since, as I thought when my hosting account is almost ran out, I could upgrade to it. I haven’t found that option yet, so do I have to wait until my hosting runs out and buy the domain again? or do I have to buy a new premium hosting account from the “upgrade” option? It’s a little confusing. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @Internal

I think you have misunderstand the process.

000webhost and hostinger are two companies. The “upgrade” option redirect you to hostinger. If you bought a premium hosting at hostinger on black friday sales, you have upgraded. Now go to and login there.

Then set up your hosting account. There should be an option to import 000webhost site to hostinger. If so, click that and continue.

If you coudn’t find that, just set up your hosting account without doing anything. Then contact their live support (the button in the bottom right corner) and ask them to import your website to hostinger.

If you have any other questions, reply here :wink:


I pressed the “upgrade” button on Hostinger, sorry, I could not find a forum for Hostinger, so I posted here. I thought 000webhost and Hosting were the same company.


We are the same company, they are just the paid version :slight_smile:


@ckhawand Do you think you can help me? :slight_smile: I have no idea how to come about this.


Hey @Internal

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