Questions Before Buying the Highest Plan

Hello sir, thanks for the hard work.

I’m considering getting the highest service by choosing the business plan (I suppose it’s the highest one) for my new online business, but there are some concerns that’re not listed in the buying details, and I was wondering if someone could help me through.

1.After buying the BP(business plan), will I be able to adjust cron job down to 1 min instead of 10 mins?(I’ve done some research on my own and I indeed saw some posts that say I MIGHT be able to do so, but it would be nicer if there’s more accurate answer.)

2.After purchasing the plan, will I be able to send email up to as many as I want?(I saw some setting on our free trial website that says we can only send email up to 50 per day, so I was wondering if it will change after the purchase.)

3.I saw there’s a free Domain, can I customize it?

#Extra question: Guys I was doing an online testing, and I realized there’s a public_html folder where I put all of my files in it, but wouldn’t it be dangerous if I put some php files that should always at backend?
BTW through the test, everything worked perfectly fine, except for the backend php file it always gave me 504 is there any link to any article that might solve it?

  1. yes you can modify cron jobs to your own setting -

You can view a demo of our control panel here -

  1. You can view email limits when using our servers here -

You can use outside mailing services to use more

  1. Free premium domain like you can pick this upon checkout

  2. public_html is all the files you want to render in the browser to your visitors when needed, the files you can refer to outside the public_html folder can be kept there if required yes.

504 generally means a request did not complete or the web server did not receive the required information to process such request, you might have to adjust your code path or similar.

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