Rar download does not work


Hello, I am currently building my website https://elliotprograms.000webhostapp.com/ and for some reason the first download works, but everything else doesn’t.
The code is the exact same, and all the download files are there.

What can I do?


Sorry but we cannot help with coding issues :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this isn’t just a coding issue.
I ran the website on my computer and it works just fine.
Ever since I uploaded the files on 000webhost the downloads stopped working?



Downloads fine here?

Maybe check your browser settings to ensure .rar download and don’t “open in browser”


what do you mean don’t “open in browser”?
I tried multiple browsers and they all have the same problem.
The download button only works for GuessTheNumber, but the rest of the buttons don’t work. Same exact code and the download files are in the correct directory.


Try uploading them in .zip format then?
Or making new fresh .rar archives locally and ensuring best compression etc.


Hmm, seems to work now
Thanks for the help