Rataxes question

I was working on my website and suddently i couldn’t update it. When i refreshed it it tells me that “No such website” ?!?! Where exactly is my website and what is the problem?

I need a URL to check


Working fine here?
Not sure why that error would appear unless you made changes to the URL.

I didn’t make changes to url, i was editing with elementor and from nowhere this happend. What can i do now?

I’m not sure as it is loading fine here?
Try ctrl f5 on your site or use a different browser

ok… CTRL F5 and now works… i sound like a noob now but why was that?

Ctrl f5 forces your browser to dump cached content, why the error appeared in the first place is a mystery.

If WordPress see these threads for future issues

Thank you so much and sorry for being a noob xD

No, not a problem, happy site building and don’t hesitate to get in touch again.

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