Recovery request

May I ask for recovery of

Both websites hosted on and currently offline, and I can’t login to my account. “The login details are incorrect”.

I guess, the sites are archived/deleted due to inactivity, but got also no eMail warning/reminder.

thanks in advance.

Deleted sadly on 2019-10-12 02:57:58 as well as owning account **@mathiaspohl.xx due to inactivity.

Users must login at least once every three months to confirm they are active still on the free learning platform to avoid inactivity deletions.

Backups are user responsibility sorry.

okay, i got your point here:

i’ve got signed up once more, with same parameters.
i can try to restore some directories from my HD.
but i sure don’t have to re-write all the codes now?
your system doesn’t allow me to occupy my site name which is

the system says “name is occupied” - but when i go there, it says “site deleted”.

something doesn’t click here: occupied OR deleted?

if someone else took it, okay.
but if not - let me have back the name, so i do not have to re-write everything, just to make my uploads and get done with it.

thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi sadly once a name is deleted it cannot be used again.

Sadly not we cannot re-activate subdomains once deleted, I’ve had an issue with one of my free subdomains being removed for inactivity and I can’t get it back either, even worse a small company used our services for some sort of pollution monitoring system which they had to in the end climb 20+ street lights and force a manual firmware upgrade as they had configured it to use our free hosting subdomain and FTP as the only way for updates! They offered a lot of money but sadly the backend to reinstate used names isn’t there and they are blacklisted for security reasons once deleted.

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