Recreating deleted site


I created the site (im not sure if the part is correct but it was whatever the default free host domain was)

I imported another site’s design just to see how it works and after I did that I wanted to reset the style. So after trying a bunch of different things I couldn’t find a way to completely reset the site and have it plain/default so I figured it would be easiest to just delete the site and recreate it with the same name.

Well apparently you can’t create something with the same name even if it was already deleted and should therefore be free.

Is there a way I can undo it being deleted and get it back? Like is it saved somewhere under my account settings for a short amount of time? Or can someone make the domain “01141113” available again so I can use it? There is no sense in not allowing me to recreate it when it’s available.

I have no intention of adding a hyphen to the name or changing it in any way. I’d rather just use a different host if that is my only option.

Please let me know if I have any options here.


No you cannot have the same domain again, not even a staff member could allow themselves to have the same domain if they deleted it and wanted it again. Sorry.