Recreating new website problem

Hey, I created a website a few hours ago, and a few minutes after its have been created, The 000webhost’s servers went down, and I couldn’t connect for about 1.5 hours. When it went back online, I tried to enter my website, and its have been deleted(I saw it on my websites, but when I entered it said that there is no website with that name) so I decided to delete and recreate it. now I can’t re-create it because its says this website is already exists, but it isn’t! what should I do? I need this specific name to my website, how can I contact them to help me with this issue?

We cannot whitelist / allow certain names - if the panel says no then choose another name. It does not have to be unique.

You didn’t understood what I wrote. I already created a site with this name, about 2 hours ago, and it worked, but because the whole 000webhost’s servers was down, it got bugged so I deleted it in order to create a new one with the exact same name, but unfortunately it says that there is already a site with this name, but there isn’t, because its bugged. There is not any special characters or something, just normal English. All I need is the 000webhost team to delete my old bugged site, and let me recreate my site properly.

Understood exactly what you said but unfortunately if the system says no that is the final answer

Okay, Alternatively, there is a way to give my account the control of my site back? Without creating a new one?

Once a URL is gone it’s gone forever, just use alternative name they don’t have to be unique