Redirect Domain Guidance

I am confused with Manage Redirects, what should I type in “Redirect from” section ? I have put in “Redirect from” section my webhost sub domain and in 2nd line “Redirect To” I have type my main domain. Already change nameservers properly.

We don’t support nameservers anymore.
You do all the domain forwarding at your domain registrar.
You do not use the redirect function of our panel that will not let you link a website.
It will only allow you to forward your free URL to another URL

Please guide me for the solution step by step.

Enter the panel of your registar which I don’t know and see if they allow domain URL forwarding

Want to redirect To this domain :

As above mentioned, you can do this at your registar if they support URL forwarding

Didn’t understand. Please guide me properly. Step by step. Plssss

My domain provider “Godaddy” already active my nameservers.

In Godaddy … there already I have change the nameservers with [ / ns02… ] and it is already in active mode by the confirmation of customercare.
So now I think this is may be a mistake by me in Hosting Settings.

So can you guide me please. Because your site is now changed the home page as before.
I have used it before few months then the site was very easy. Now there is no Park Domain options. Pls help me.

No, remove ns01 ns02 for 000webhost, free users cannot use these.

Use the domain FORWARDING option which requires nameservers to be default/GoDaddy set.

Thank you for your guidance.

But can you please explain how can I modify / edit / change URL name here

You cannot modify your domain here.