Reducing my webspace - is ‘Save as ...” uploading my website several times?


I have a website
I have been saving updated versions with a slightly different name. I’m close to my usage space limit. By saving the site under a slightly different name am I, in fact, uploading the entire website and it’s files multiple times (and so dramatically increasing file storage) ?


Do you mean you are zipping the whole thing and keeping them in your website files? :slight_smile:


Um … I don’t think so …
I created my website in WYSIWYG Web Builder and then save it, for example, as mywebsite_10_January and upload it to 000Webhost.
When I next update my website I would save it, for example, as mywebsite_003_February
So am I, in fact, saving two websites to the same location and thus doubling the size of webspace I am occupying?


Yes, so just overwrite in future and keep a safe copy locally.