Regarding current downtimes


Dear customers,

We are in process of upgrading and updating parts of our network infrastructure.

1. We are replacing our old hard drives with new SSDs in order to improve the speed, reliability and stability.

2. We are adding 3 new network nodes to support a larger amount of websites, more resources, and a bigger user experience.

3. We are updating parts of our software system, as well as some key points from our back-end to improve stability.

4. Other free hosting companies want to affiliate with 000webhost. Integrating them can constitute another problem.

During these processes, parts of 000webhost service may be temporary unavailable in order to apply the necessary updates. Thus, errors like the following ones may occur:

a) On browser

• 403 / Forbidden
• 500 / Internal Server Error
• 502 / Bad Gateway
• 504 / Gateway Timeout
• Testing 123... / Apache

b) On File Manager

• Connection time-out
• Bridge response error
• Invalid username or password

c) On FTP clients:

• FTP error: Broken pipe

d) On MySQL (on: change password, website, phpMyAdmin sections) :

• An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.
• Error establishing a database connection
• MySQL server has gone away
• #2006 - MySQL server has gone away
• #9001 - Max connect timeout

We are doing everything we can to improve user experience, and some of the actions may cause downtime. However if the servers are down, they will remain so until the issues are dished out.

How long will this take? The administration​ are presently the only ones who can comment on the infrastructure upgrade and we will have to wait and see, the upgrade process is being done as fast as possible.

Not all websites are experiencing downtimes though. Only the sites located on the maintained node(s) are affected. That’s why your website, if it happens to be down, will not remain so more than 24 hours per downtime.

Please Note that 000webhost has been intended to be a free hosting provider for students and web developers to test their skills and offer them a better opportunity to see how cloud hosting actually works. If you can’t afford/support your website to be down, please consider buying a paid plan, or use another hosting provider until upgrading process is over.

We know that some of you are very upset because your website has been facing constant issues in the past few days, but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it in real time. If one network node will be down, it will remain so until problems are fixed.

Please avoid posting other topics related to these problems, as they will be useless, and deleted because of their uselessness. Complaining about our service will not make it work up faster, that is because our operators are already working hardly to dish out all current issues!

Customer Q & A

Q: If your free service is constantly down, why should I buy the paid one anyway?
A: Once you buy the paid plan, your website content will be moved to Hostinger servers, which do not experience downtimes because they are entirely separate systems. Backups are being made from time to time, which guarantee your website uptime. More features and no limitations like on 000webhost are available as well.

Q: Will my website content be affected?
A: No, your website content is, and will remain intact.

We thank all loyal standing free hosting customers for bearing with us during the upgrade!

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