Regarding over sleeping


Turn on my site, it does not work for more than 7 hours.


please woke up this site


good day

my website is oversleeping. Please make it awake. Thanks!


Our website is also showing sleeping once again. We have read the server upgrade notifications but we hope this would be taken care of as soon as possible as it does cause a certain amount of inconvenience. Don’t ask us to Upgrade to Hostinger as you have provided an option here which is pretty good!!!

Just have this rectified please people and we are all good to go.
Much appreciated & a sincere thanks in advance! :sunglasses::+1:


Hi, I have a problem with the website, it’s always in sleeping, help pleaasee, thanks for the free services is my website


Hi! My website is oooooversleeping!!

Please help!


My website is still sleeping. I’d be nice to get it woken up :D.


ukwai1203.000webhostapp is over sleeping, plase help fix it, i need it to demo tomorrow. Thanks


My site is over sleeping.
Please help.


Hi Hexa,
Need your kind help to wake my websites - they are oversleeping

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.


“In 13h 7m 59s your website ukwai1203 will be in sleep for 1 hour. Change time in settings or UPGRADE TO HOSTINGER to avoid sleep. Read More” show at 000webhost but my is showing temporary sleeping now, so can help me fix this?


Still My Website is sleeping…


My website is sleeping please make it awake guys its urgent


Hello there, I notice a problem since this morning, the problem is that I can’t view my web, it keep saying that my website is sleeping and it won’t wake up for hours. I already double check that I input my sleeping time as 00:00 GMT+7 and the web is supposed to sleep for 1 hour a day.
Here is my website :


I’ve woken up your site. Those issues will be resolved in the next day. :slight_smile: Good Luck!



My site has been asleep all day. Can an admin please wake it?



I’ve woken up your site. Good Luck! :wink:



My site has been asleep all day. Can an admin please wake it?



Your site is now awake. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Please, wake up my page!