Regular unreachable status of my website


Hello Team,

I am setting up a Wordpress website : The issue I am facing is that after regular intervals my site becomes unreachable.Then after 10-20 minutes the site automatically comes back online.

Another (might be related) issue is that I regularly get automatically logged out of my Wordpress account.

Kindly suggest what might be causing this problem. Below snapshot of my Jetpack stats:



Don’t use “https” in you url until you have SSL.

Now try again and see if it helps you.


Sorry @akhilkumar332, that “https” was written here by mistake while entering the domain name. The issue occurs with the “http” extension.



@DHI I believe you’re getting more than 30 concurrent connections, this is the reason why your website is going down regularly.
Please consider reading this,

To avoid such issues, upgrade to premium,


Hi @akhilkumar332,

“Rate limiting policy” looks like a very good reason for my website going down. Thanks.

Now I remember that the first time it started happening was after I installed “Jetpack” plugin. But jetpack is not mentioned in the list of plugins known for causing issues. Does Jetpack also uses a lot of concurrent connections?

000Webhost is a brilliant platform. Will surely upgrade to premium once I finish familiarizing with the system.




In a way.

Meanwhile try this plugin, See if it’s help you in any way :slight_smile:

This will help control concurrent connections to mysql database.


Will surely try that… Thanks @akhilkumar332.


If you’ve any other issues, let us know :slight_smile: