Removal of custom domains (Parked/Pointed Domains) on the free plan

Users who previously had a domain linked to the panel before the update will be able to continue with it.

New users/ existing users who had no linked domains or since removed them will not be able to add a domain to the free hosting plan via park or pointing.

We’ve removed the feature currently to see if it impacts on the usage of the free service, this will reduce the amount of abusive users who signup daily with domains such as “” if they are unable to park their phishing domains it will hopefully reduce the amount of abusive users on the free plan.

We will review this decision shortly, it shouldn’t affect honest learners and users of the free platform using it for the intended purpose as the free subdomain allows you to access your website in the browser, there isn’t a NEED for a custom domain, if users really needed to park their domain it would likely indicate their website being classed as more than what the free plan is designed for and would actually probably be more suited to alternative free hosting or even Hostinger Premium where you can park/point domains and a ton more features.
Connecting your website to a unique domain gives it a more professional look and makes it easier for users to find via search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex and others which I would class as being a premium user, but hopefully we can update you soon on this decision in the coming month.
As the below reply states, the function has been fully removed now for the foreseeable future.

The option might not appear at all via the left hand side menu anymore, if it does for some reason then you will likely notice when you hit add domain it will not let you add one instead it will recommend upgrading for the time being.

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Following on from the test period where it was removed the feature was restored while the data was checked upon and now it has been decided the park/point custom domains is removed for the foreseeable future.
Free plan users cannot park/point or modify existing domains or email functions, existing users who have parked a domain and it was working correctly before this week will continue to function, but new signups/ existing users will not be able to park/point.
Use “Domain Forwarding” instead, see the tutorial section - with this you retain full DNS control at the domain registrar and can set MX record etc directly there.