Remove Free malware from site


dear sir!
i want to remove mlawre from my website is this possible or not


I went to your website, but it doesn’t exist.

“’s server DNS address could not be found.”


how to i fix it
<2 mmmm


@jaunyshaw1 Visit below link and submit your domain/website name.

This should solve your issue.
Note:- It’s takes time and there is no time scale for it.

or try cloudflare, this should solve your issue too.


sir recheck and tell me how to it fixs


can you try the above suggested methods and see if it works for you.


no sir this marhods is not work for me


not work sir
help me please


It should work, plz connect it to cloudflare so that you can use SSL(https)…which will solve your issue.

Note:- This solution worked for almost all users facing this issue.