Remove Suspended for violating 20%+ CPU


Hi, I tried to upgrade WP to last version and I got:
Suspended (Suspended for violating 20%+ CPU usage limit for more than 1000 times. Please upgrade to our premium UNLIMITED hosting at to get your account reactivated.)

Is it possible to get my hosting back out of suspension…



@darknova It’s not because you have upgraded wp to latest version.

Its because of the following reasons:-
You have too many visitors and over load free server resources.
This might be caused by crawlers crawling your site; use robots.txt to limit the crawlers.
If you are using WordPress with lot of plugins your site might be under attack, remove all plugins only keep the one that you are really need.
If you have many add-on installed, your site take too much resources to run.
Your script is taking to much server resources to run.

Migrate to new panel to avoid such issues.


How can I migrate to a new panel i see no option nor a place to contact support?


Follow this tutorial.


THX, I try but am unable to get to new cPanel. I seas that my site has already been moved
to new cPanel …


@darknova ohh i see…if you’re on the new panel,
Then just verify your mail from “My Profile” .
Create a new website…upload data and go live.


well - the problem is that I’m not in a new cPanel - I still get redirected to the old one


PM me your login details. Let me see from my side.


I have managed to get into new cPanel after deleting my site manually…
now to restoring my site . hope all goes well here


Now just verify your mail from “My Profile” .
Create a new website…upload data and go live.


I got one suspended site is it possible to get DB and files from that site?


No sry…you need to start again from scratch.


Oh well - THANKS.
One quick question - now that I will have the new cPanel with latest php would
love to add the Cloudflare SSL - will that have any effect on indexed links in google
I mean will http redirect to https ’


Did the transfer but my site is not loading now.
I have added my previous free subdomain

and have added own domain from freenom (NS where already there)
and now when I try to access my site
it keeps loading but nothing hapens

I did the connection right wp and DB…

Help :frowning:


Can you post the screen shot of the “Set Web Address” Area??



here it is - the screen


If suspended you can get your databases and files back but you are required to move the premium which involves visiting

Signing up to premium package, submitting a support ticket with your 000webhost details

Your site will then be migrated to premium.


Ok Infinity. TNX. What about my current problem. I did the transfer to new cPanel and
now my site isn’t loading. Prior subdomain that ia have had

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

The new subdomain that I got while transfering to new cPanel
does not load at all

and my free domain (NS are from 000 )
seas Website is no longer available

And I cant seeam to find a solution and haver checked all…



Stupid mistake :frowning:
I forgot to check /** MySQL hostname */

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

works just fine.

THANKS to all for HELP


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