Report an Abusive Site, Get a 3rd Free


Hello Everyone!

I’m Austin, a 000webhost moderator. Along with being staff at 000webhost, I’m also the founder and CEO at Hexa.

Today, we have built a complete system to report sites that are hosted on 000webhost. All you need to do is leave your name, email, the site url, reason, and a comment. Then, simply submit the form and we’ll get your request.

When you report, make sure to use the email that is associated with your 000webhost account. If you do, we’ll give you a 3rd website free if the site really is an abusive one.

Please let me know your feedback on our new tool, as we’ll improve it based on user feedback. Enjoy! :tada:

Report a website below:

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Thanks to those who have reported abusive websites! If you find an abusive site, please report it. We’ll give you a 3rd site for free if the report is valid! :+1:

(Make sure to use your email associated with your 000webhost account.)


what if you already have a 3rd site because of a post on a forum?


@Saxo_Broko We are only able to give user’s a 3rd site free. However, if you find abusive sites, please still report them, as it helps keep the web a safer place! :blush:


If you have a 3rd site, reporting 20 phishing websites will give you 10 more websites :slight_smile:


Your services are really awesome! I hope it will not be used by some scammers who victimize people. There have been many investors scammed by this hyip site built and hosted using your services:

Please do what it takes to make this culprits pay for what they have done.

Thank you


Hi, what does abusive site mean ? I don’t get it…thx


Hi @fortunatekidz!

An abusive site is a site that hosts content such as: phishing scripts, proxy scripts, adult content, Telegram Bots, viruses, scams, etc. :slight_smile: