Reset Website Issue


I reset my website because I had deleted folders/files necessary for the site to run … but now im stuck without a working website.

currently it is telling me
Website is no longer abvaialable … I’m wondering if there is a wait period for website resets?

I have also reset m y domains, etc … however in the site builder it is showing that i have my WIP site all there …

Frankly confused.





It looks to me like you are not using 000webhost with this domain at all, because you have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Your name servers are set to DigitalOcean. Make sure to clear your browser cache.


i never changed my nameservers and they are set to 000webhost


@LBRCloud Your website is working fine.

Use google dns.

Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.
also check using other browsers.