Restoring archived website

My website is showing as archived and I tried restoring it many times but its not working.
Please help!
website address:

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I’ve queued it, if it doesn’t work I’ll submit a ticket later today

Sir, Its still not working How much longer do I have to wait for.

Queued again, reply if it is not restored within 1 hour

Opened a ticket with a developer, unsure of the timescale for this to be resolved currently.

Sir, Its been a day now and site is still archived. Please Help!!
Thank you for the support.

Yeah this is free hosting unfortunately and our developers are super busy, I’ve submitted the ticket there isn’t anything we can do until a developer resolves this issue.

Still awaiting developer response.

Any new updates Sir!!

Not on this website just yet, they managed one today from the small queue there is.

Sir, is there any update regarding the restore??

I checked the ticket and the developer has not started your one, I have bumped the developer to remind him of the manual restores that are required.

Is the problem solved? It seems that the link in question is still not working, i’m facing the same issue with my website can you help me?

I have queued the site restore for you

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today the system has archived my website :

budgetary-hyphen --> redirect to

I think it’s a mistake because I used the site exactly yesterday.
Could you restore it?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards

Queued to restore for you

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Thank you very much!

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My website is showing as archived and I cannot restore it, can you do it for me please?
The site is and

Restored for you @Ecastelhano

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