Retrieving archived database

Hi, I’m currently trying to restore my website (called “synnrekt”), but is seems like it has been deleted due to account inactivity.

Which is very unfortunate because I didn’t receive a single warning about it, so I had no clue it would be deleted.

I don’t care all that much about the website itself, but I would really appreciate if there was a way to export the (very small) database that was associated with it?
The site was a note taking app, and it would be a pity if all the notes were gone without even a heads-up from the side of 000webhost…

Given that the database was really small (I’m guessing <10 KB), could it be that it is actually still archived somewhere and not completely deleted?

I’m looking forward to a response from you :slight_smile:

Sadly this website was deleted for owner inactivity.
As well as archiving for visitors being under 10 per month, the owner must login to our panel once per month to avoid deletion, in this case there hasn’t be any recorded logins.
Feel free to make a new website using alternative naming.

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