The accesw details I used to set up are not currently providing access. I now need to delete this site and do not know how to do so. Are you able to help please?


Hi @robandmarie!

Please confirm: you want to delete your 000webhost account and all your websites?


No. There are other sites with different sign-ins that I need to keep - the sit for West Worthing Baptist is a MUST keep. It is sites for Rob and Marie and East Worthing Baptist that I need to delete, please.



If you want to delete one of your websites go to members’ area then ‘Manager Website’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Delete website’ -> click ‘Delete’ -> click ‘Delete Website’


Thanks for this. The problem is the sign-in I used for these websites - - is not listing these websites for me to work on. This is where I came in!


ro********** is the email used


Thanks. I’ii give it a go.


Has this worked for you? :slight_smile:


Sorry, no. I don’t recognise the pattern you have presented me.


Sorry - I did try but this just generated something fresh-


ro*a*d*ar*ewh* maybe that would help more.
* represents hidden characters (security purposes)


Yes, thankyou - this I used and came up with!