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This is the reply to moderator’s comment:
Could you please try again in 24hours as we’re having temporary issues with the servers

I skipped the weekend and make sure we’ve passed 24 hours waiting. But the email forwarding is still NOT working.
How is the servers? Is there anyone can check ?
I only see the “This topic will automatically close in 4 days.” . It only counted from 5 days to 4 days without solution from 000webhost. Are you going to just roughly close the ticket after 4 days?

Hope you, the admin of 000webhost, can see this message.


The forwarders have been reported and the solution won’t be instant could be a few weeks depending on developers time.
I highly suggest using ImprovMX you’ll have working email in a couple of hours.

I checked ImprovMX. Are you guys hosting website? Nate want me change the 000webhost to improvMX in DNS setting.

Above message is reply to “Ininity”. It looks like “Infinity” is not for 000webhost, but more like work for ImprovMX, even not for hostinger.

I’m not sure what you mean please?

From ImprovMX debugging, they asked me:
Delete all the previous “MX” entries you had registered for your DNS Zone, if any.

Add those MX entries ImprovMX mx values

If I change to ImprovMX, what about my website??!!


in your MX record field.

Your website stays here?

MX record is just the MAIL record.

Nate, ImprovMX guy, direct me to here:

Yes :slight_smile:
Signup to use their MAILING services.

Your domain is setup fine with 000webhost for HOSTING YOUR WEBSITE and > THIS IS CORRECT :slight_smile:

Now within our panel, change your MX record on your domain to ImprovMX to use ImprovMX for free forwarding :slight_smile:

I’ve done it for you.

Continue the setup of your free forwarders now over at

Got it.
We needn’t set up at Domain site, while we need edit in 000webhost’s parked domain setting.

I’ve tested from both and from my outside address. It works now.

Thanks a lot.


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By the way, how can I send out email with my domain for free?
Before, 000webhost has webmail and I can use it send email out with company email address. Now, how can I do it? it looks like is only a mail forwarder.

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You could setup the likes of GSuite or Zoho.
Or upgrade to Hostinger to get webmail again.

Thanks a lot. Let me check.

@robert_proj Antoine from ImprovMX here! You can also send using Gmail SMTP, which is free and super reliable. We’ve wrote a step by step guide there:

Good luck!

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