RPC call timed out after 120 seconds


First of all sorry if i create a similar topic, but i did`t find any thing like this here.
HI, i just paid for domain and see this “RPC call timed out after 120 seconds.”. Is it ok?

Also “Waiting for payment”, i paid already, and when i go to manege i see “Receipt is paid.”


Hi @965g!

Please be patient and wait until payments propagate.

In addition, you could contact Hostinger Support and ask them to link the domain to your website if the problem persists.


I see your site is now loading :slight_smile:
Is this error still appearing?


popovweb.com or www.popovweb.com is not loading and error still there :frowning:


Working fine here.


If you use Windows try this


Hi, i can wait, it is ok. But i thought what " RPC call timed out after 120 seconds." is some kind of internal error of server or some thing…


Yes internal error I have notified administration, but your domain is functioning?


Yes, i use windows 10, but also i tried to open on mac or ipad and i see this message "The webpage at http://popovweb.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."
I think i did some thing wrong with DNS ZONE of my domain.


Or i just need to wait))


Your Name Servers settings are fine. Your domain is linked correctly. It’s a DNS propagation/response time issue.

Please try again later :wink: