Running AIOSEO and Wordpress installation page


I just tried to use AIOSEO in the All in One SEO page and it crashed my browser. Then when I try to return to the site, instead of the login screen I see the dreaded Wordpress installation page.

I hope I didn’t mess something up. All I did was just click on the link to try out AIOSEO to show my site score. =(

Edit: Not sure what happened but it’s back up now! Probably a rate limit issue then?

It looks like I have other issues now. The image on my main page is broken and my other pages link to a 404 error screen.


It is possible that AIOSEO requires feature free plans do not support. Please gather the list of requirements of AIOSEO, and post them here alongside website name :slight_smile:

Well I manually updated the permalink which fixed the 404 error and I found that the image wasn’t still uploaded in wordpress so I reuploaded that and the image came back. AIOSEO looks fine.

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