Russian letters don't show properely


I try to download my site that worked correctly for many years on “hostinger”, but after downloading instead of Russian letters I see ���� . I tried to unzip the backup copy of the site from and download the source files using FileZilla in binary and automatic modes. The result is always the same. After uploading to “000webhost”, the Russian letters in .html files immediately change to something like “Ðàäû ïðèâåòñòâîâàòü Âàñ íà ñàéòå êîìïàíèè “Ñèñòåìû ýëåêòðîïèòàíèÿ”!” instead of “Рады приветствовать Вас на сайте компании “Системы электропитания”!” Site does not contain php. What should I do?
Thank you!


You could try


I added

 AddDefaultCharset Off

To your existing .htaccess

Looks better?


Thank you very much! Looks really much better! Could you explain in a bit more detail where exactly the “AddDefaultCharset Off” should be inserted? What is “.htaccess”?


.htaccess is a config file as such in your public_html directory within File Manager.
I pasted the line of code on a new line in .htaccess and the server reads that file and actions it


Thank you so much! You saved my life :relaxed:. In my hands already were rope and soap :cry:.