Sandeep questions

I tried to check my website I’m getting an error. When I try to login my account at 000webhost I logged in successfully but I don’t have any data in my account. All of my data is gone and it was like just a new account. Please, somebody help me I don’t have any backup of my website.

Good day!

Our newest policy removes websites after 3 months of complete inactivity. Meanwhile warnings are sent over email to account owner.

What were your websites addresses?

Pretty much an echo of what was said above, but the email you’ve used to signup to the forum I have checked and I can see you signed up to the hosting 11 hours ago with it and you’ve made one site so far.

If this was the email you used previously to login then yes it appears you’ve been deleted for inactivity.

If you could tell us the 000webhostapp(s) and we can double check to make sure they’ve been deleted for sure but it looks that way at the moment.

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