Search Engine Optimization Related

SEO Related Not issue I will say I have this website page that has a little description on the top header of the page and I noticed that google uses the site description at the header instead of my meta description tag and it kind of note related to the page so fewer people will click from search and I got this idea of using if statement to make the description at the header dynamic instead of a description of the site at all page will make a description of the page will this be better or I should just leave it at it’s i will really appreciate it if you visited the page and saw it yourself this is one of the keywords that use that description anime browser games while my meta tag is more related to that keyword

@austin might be related with your issue.

well I did change the top header description from this

is a directory to discover the largest free to play browser games and we likewise extend free to play unity - html5 - online games that you can play within the website no download required including PC MMO Games to download on your PC also for free.

to a new one that every page now has it own description at the top header just need an opinion is this better or not