SeikoShadow Designs - An aspiring web designer


Hey Everyone,
I'm a teenager (16 to be exact) and my goal in future is to become a professional web designer. I've completed the local college course relating to web design and it's a hobby of mine.

I've created quite a few websites since I started but I have put a few of them together and created a homepage linking to them all.
I'd appreciate everyones views on them :slight_smile:

Link -

Thank you to everyone


First tell us what did you learn in local college.Ex-html,css,php??


I learned html and css, not at a very advanced level unfortunately so I've tried to build upon it :slight_smile:


If you code your designs then you are also a Web Developer. Web designer and developer :smiley: I can see the beauty of your codes but you have to remove those inline codes.


would styling webpages from a css sheet rather than inline make any actual difference though? or is it merely for ease in changing things?


Have you tried validating your pages ( for W3 compliance?

If you have inline styles (font,color,sizes,table/span styles etc) you will notice many errors in a validator. To be in compliance with recognized HTML4+ standards, styles must be defined in CSS and not inline. This recognized practice will also reduce page load speed.

Using CSS to its full potential will make editing your site in future easier as well.

Not sure if it is just my connection but images can use a little optimization for faster loading. (

Great looking site all around, source code and layout are very clean, other than the few inline style tags :slight_smile:


Doug has told you a good tool to use. I've used it myself.


If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome I suggest you install WebDeveloper's tools.


I'm using firefox and the Webdevelopers tool :slight_smile: and thank you for the compliments on the site and the few suggestions, I'll mess around with the site when I have time and try to improve on it


nice black minimal website i hope you succeed in your development career also good luck with your designs


all images (barring one's using transparency) have been optimized and there size reduced, so pages should load quicker. also some styling that was repeated throughout the pages has been replaced by single classes so again it should speed up the pages slightly.

If anyone notices any small errors ect please do point them out.

And again thank you for all the compliments, and constructive criticism :slight_smile:


Nice Design you will become a good professional web designer.