Sending emails is not reliable


I’m using email messages to confirm user registration for my site. This works very intermintently.

I have created several accounts with no issue, getting the email to my inbox within a few minutes.

Occassionally, like now, I do not get the email. I do not see any errors reported in the code and I do not see the email usage count increasing.

I have not reached my email quota.
Is there some restriction or delays added to free accounts.

The snippet below shows the php code that has worked to send the email:

$headers ="\" ;

// Email Variables
$toUser  = ''; // recipient
$subject = "new user account created"; // subject

$body  = "User email :" . $email . "id:" . $userID  . " has just been added\r\n";
if( mail($toUser,$subject,$body,$headers) ){

I need this to work smoothy and consitently or I will loose users. Once my site is running I will have to move to the paid service but unless I can get the email working reliably I will not be able to do this.

Thanks for any help.


Hi !

If the issue happens occasionally, it’s very hard to debug it. It could be either because of our mailing servers timeouts, either because of Freenom MX servers either because of your E-mail provider.

Modify $headers line to this:

$headers = " \r\n" ;

If the issue persists, please use your actual mailbox address as $toUser. Reply the results.


I have tried your suggestions but I still cannot get my emails to send.

I have also tried sending the emails to different accounts and tried changing the email forwarding. But nothing helps.

I also noticed the statistics page shows that I have not sent any emails since this morning ie. 5 hours ago but I have tried sending multiple in that time, it is stuck on 5. Which suggests that the emails are not leaving the server.

Thanks for helping with this.


What is the website on which you are experiencing the issue?


The address is but I also have a freenom name of


I have just tried them again and it appears to be working again. I have changed nothing since yesterday.


I have just checked your site and mailing are sending/receiving in a normal behaviour. It was probably a temporary issue :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll test it again later, it did seem to work last night.

I’m currently trying to set up cloudflare again as I have lost the https from my URL i.e. it uses the HTTPS.

I have not worked on this site for about a year and you helped me to get the secure site last time.


It seems to be working fine now.




We’re happy the issue has been solved! :blush:

For any further problems, please do contact us on this forum.


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