Sendmail stopped working


Still doesn’t work on my page. Someone told me it could have to do with my DKIM/DMARC/SPF/MX-settings. I have no idea what that means. Where do I fix that? Shouldn’t be anything wrong with my settings, since it has been working before, but who knows…


I’m having a problem with my form too–emails are not being sent. I’ve tested the code elsewhere and it is working as I expect it to with emails appearing in the selected account almost instantly. I’ve checked spam, and waited hours, but still nothing has arrived.


@lucindaforest Have you enabled sendmail ??
If not enable it from Settings --> General and then try again.


Where do I find Settings --> General?


Login to your 000webhost Account ,
Then go to Settings – General – Send Mail


When I log in all I can see is List of your account, with a link to Go to CPanel. I can see nothing that gives me access to settings. Is it only for Premium accounts–I am using the free hosting.


So you’re on old panel.

The old panel will eventually be shut down soon.
Migrate to new panel to avoid such issue.


Thank you for your help, but I thought I did that yesterday or the day before?


But you’re still on the old panel,
Follow the above tutorial to migrate to new panel.


Thanks. It’s taking me in circles however. I go to: and it says I already have an account in the new panel. I take the Log in button and it takes me back to what looks like the “old” one.


Then it says open “old” and “new”–they look exactly the same to me.


@lucindaforest Ok…so now you need to delete your old panel in order to access new panel.
Make Backup of everything you got before deleting old panel


Thank you, new panel now showing but I’m stuck on verify email.


Sorry, the link finally came through. Impatient, may fault. However, now I have to have a new domain name? May as well go elsewhere–is that the aim to get rid of freeloaders?


Ohh i see…Sometimes it take time to receive verification email.
Wait for sometime you’ll get it. :slight_smile:


Any way I can find FTP details? Creating folder by folder is not fun.


Go to Settings --> General
You’ll find all details there.


My problem does not lie with the sendmail-button, it is on, and the form does not work. When I uploaded the page it worked, when I tested it a month later it didn’t. When I upload the page to a different server it also works, both sending directly to my gmail and to a domain address which is forwarded from here.

Someone told me it could have to do with my DKIM/DMARC/SPF/MX-settings. I have no idea what that means. Where do I check that?


Thank you for your patience, akhilkumar332. After leaving everything for 9 or so hours, I was finally able to find all the details I needed and my website is now up and running, with the “old” url, and sendmail is working perfectly. I do miss the familiarity of cPanel but thank 000webhosting and all those who provide this service for upgrading to something they think is better.