Server problem - Repeted error 5XX


I wanted to try 000webhost before upgrading to a paying account but as I work on my website, it encounters error 504 every 10 minutes and is therefore not accessible for long minutes or hours afterwards.

My site is (protected by a password)

Is it a problem with the site or on 000webhost side ?

Do you use a database?

I do.
I have a ‘max_queries_per_hour’ error there but I don’t understand, I reach it quite fast actually…

What script do you use or is it a custom one if it is a custom one there may be ways to reduce the amount of queries you’re using?

I have a simple wordpress site with a divi theme

Have you been using the backend a lot?
Try looking up disabling WordPress heartbeat? :frowning:

I’d like to use it a lot but every 10 min I have a connection issue…
I just tried disabling Heartbeat, i’ll see if that helps. Thanks for the tips

If you’re using the back end a lot each and every little movement will make a request and use up your resources fairly quickly