Server Uptime status page

There are topic or “reviews” that claim that is more down than up, that has maximum of 70% or even less uptime etc… guarantees at least 99% uptime!

So we have purchased paid website monitoring service from and added major services to monitor every minute (that should be more than enough to see the real situation).

It monitors http (port 80) access (you use 80 port to access your website) for all servers every minute from multiple locations worldwide. If any of these location fails, outage is counted. So it is very strict and accurate.

Our server status page is located at

Feel free to check it out

You’ll know if there are issues they’ll be highlighted

It gives uptime of all the monitors in place

Also the last downtime will be recorded as well

If you have any issues with your site check this page first, if any monitors are red - the issue is known of, being worked on and doesn’t require users to create multiple threads :slight_smile: