Servidor de email entrante


Antes tenía un email con el nombre de mi dominio y utilizaba como servidor entrante en Outlook
Ahora no funciona. ¿Qué debo cambiar?


I think this is what you are looking for…

cPanel > Set web address > your-domain > Manage > Modify MX records, and configure your website to use your e-mail provider.


mmm. Maybe not. In outlook, I created a pop3 account. In the incoming email server letterbox, I wrote (now, after the update, I have tried with, and for the outgoing mail server I wrote the server indicated by my internet provider, so if my domain was, for example,, I could receive emails to
But now, I cannot receive emails as before.


000webhost already has a builtin feature for e-mail forwarding: cPanel > Manage emails > Create

With this one, every email received to a specified address is forward to the chosen email address. I think it’s better instead of complicating with incoming/outgoing servers. We’ll just let 000webhost do all the dirty work.

(now, after the update, I have tried with

I don’t know if 000webhost will handle the emails correctly if it’s not configured to do so. I strongly suggest the upper advice…