Set domein up with WordPress - newbie

Hello Community,

I need a small advise on 000webhost.

I created an acocunt and a website name1. The website received a name with name1**

Then I installed WordPress and bought a domein under Tools->Set web address (

The crutial question: how can I create website using WordPress. Whenever I open WP I see the name1 , should I redirect, or link my domein?
Could you recommend some tutorial on how to deal with such a case?

Kind Regards!

Hello! First you should point the domain to your site, then update the website URL in Wordpress general settings :slight_smile:

Hello teodor, thank you for your quick reaction!

Do you mean ‘Redirect’ feature?
From name1 to mydomein .com ?

Any educational content is appriciated. I don’t want to bother you guys with sucha a bacis questions.

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