Set up email with own domain


This is my first time working with domains and hosts, reason cause i am a little bit confused about this.

I own a domain and i would like to use it to have my own mail accounts I purchased the domain with enom and im working the host with you, but honestly i dont know what steps can i follow to set up those mail accounts.

In advance thank you so much for any help or suggestions you can bring.

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You can use ZOHO. They have free email hosting for up to 25 email inboxes. It’s a pretty good deal. We use it for our company. Your can signup here: All you do is add some CNAME records and MX records. It tells us how to add them.

Best of Luck!


Two other tutorials that may be of use to you now :slight_smile:

If you have any issues with this tutorial don’t hesitate to comment below with them.


Thank you so much.

Zoho looks a nice option by now, i will try it.



I’m trying to get up the mx record for my domain as well.


The set MX record option is available in the control panel; first find a service that is compatible.


It did not take us long to setup Zoho. I would suggest to go through a hosting provider and set the CNAME for the main domain and www to your website. This way, you have full access to the MX records without setting the nameservers to point to 000webhost.

Best of Luck!