Setting up a domain email


I am trying to set up my web domains email. So far I have one forwarding to my personal email but I thought I got email with hosting and a domain. I would like to know how to set up my domains email and access it. Thank you for your time


Check these out


You cannot get email hosting on the free hosting plan, even though the website says so. That was part of the old hosting panel which is no longer available, as we are transitioning everyone to the new panel. Once the transition is complete, the website will be updated.

With domain hosting, you can get a free subdomain, or point your own domain via name servers or CNAME record. You can get a free domain if you don’t already have one at

In the mean time, you can check out premium hosting for your email needs at


Can you link to where you see features being email accounts/ webmail? Most pages have been updated on 000webhost to reflect “email forwarders”


#5 and have not been fully updated @Infinity @andrius