Setting web address - trouble with getting my domain name to link to the generic webhost name


I found the migration tutorial very easy to follow, and all was smooth sailing until I came to the part, which I thought would be the easiest!!Setting the web address!
I have a domain hosted on another service provider, I already have the nameservers directed to and
so I select own domain, and follow the steps and I end up with this, view screenshot
I did also do the namserver lookup, and it showed up as
However, I see my site coming up at the westhostapp but not at the domain
As mentioned I hadn’t changed the nameservers, since the new migration.
Many Thanks,



Works fine here! :smiley:


Have you tried clearing your browse cache, computer DNS cache?

What operating system do you run?


Hi Infinity, thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:
I get this… I have cleared browser cache…but not computer dns cache (not that I am aware of)?
I am running windows 10.



Hi Infinity,

I googled it and did the dns flush as well as clearing browser cache…it still doesn’t work :frowning: I took a screenshot of the
some website details…
I can only view my site at the first link…


Very odd.


Did you change to Google DNS firstly before clearing the DNS?

If you just clear the DNS and your standard ISP DNS isn’t up to date it won’t clear anything.


It is extremely strange!!
I followed the tutorial you posted on the flush…however, I noticed my connection type on the second image, is ethernet although my access type is still internet. Which options do I select in the third box?


Select the fourth option, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and properties then edit the DNS at the bottom of the next window.

Do you use a wired connection? If you do select the ethernet family controller and change the DNS via that.

If you use a wireless connection select the WiFi adapter card or similar, if you use both connections be as well changing the DNS of both :smiley:


That did the trick!!! Thank you soooo much for your help, patience etc!!!


I haven’t done anything regarding the email address as yet :frowning: could you point me in the direction of a useful tutorial??


What email address?

Setting up email forwarding for your site?


I have migrated my site from old control panel to new…and am under the impression I would need to change something on my email setup?? as I deleted the previous profile and am now in the new control panel…is that the case??


If you have pointed your domain you just need to visit the section now and setup a few forwarders…