Setup email with gmail


Hi all,

I am trying to set up an email account with my own domain to receive and send from Gmail.

First I have set up an email forwarders under the manage emails tab. I have sent a couple of emails but I have not received them on my gmail account.

Also I have followed this tutorial

But I have an error. I am quite confused by these steps:

  1. For SMTP Server, put
  2. For Username, enter full gmail address with
  3. For Password, enter your gmail address password

It is asking me to use my own gmail account while I was expecting to use the address and password from my own domain.,

Any help will be most welcome




Thanks ckhawand for your reply. For some reasons I cannot seem to access the images of this tutorial. Is there other solution available. I have been in other hosting and it was not so complicated to set up the email. Why is it so complicated to set up your email with 000webhost? Why there is no access to a stmp server?



Upgrade to have mailbox there :slight_smile:
90% off there :


That sucks. I have not seen any freehost initially not offering email service. pathetic


Yeah, that’s because it costs alot to do a mailing server :slight_smile:


Ok I understand. I will move it to a different free server provider. Thanks for the help anyway