Show Registered Domain URL in Address Bar


I have searched through the forum and can’t find a conclusive answer to my problem, and would like to request assistance from any one who has come across this issue and solved it or any one in general who has an idea towards the solution.
I recently setup a website on 000webhost, and it works as expected although when I set up a custom address with a domain name I already have registered with another registrar and used the instructions to redirect the CNAME record to my site.

My website address is
when I use it redirects just fine but shows - instead of

Please how do I fix this.
Thank you for any assistance provided.

Note: I am using the wordpress package to run my website.


Make sure you’re not forwarding your domain to the .000webhostapp. Even if you have the right CNAME it will still show the other domain if you are forwarding.

Here’s a tutorial on how to change website name in 000webhost


My registered domain already points to - this works fine
just that I want it to display instead of in the address bar.


So what steps did you take at the start to point your domain to 000webhost?

What records etc or what did you create? :slight_smile: