Showing blank page and don't access to wp-admin panel also first time using this site

Please assist me i have uploaded new wordpress site but showing this blank page and can’t access to wp-admin panel how should i do?

Hi what’s your 000site URL?
For future please consider reading this.
This is my url you can check this and please assist me how can i resolve this issue and tell me why showing blank page

Put this line of code in your .htaccess file.
php_value display_errors 1

Have you installed any cache plugin?

Now showing this error

Nope i uploaded directly without any plug in

Post your full code of .htaccess file here.

Anyone resolve this or give me any solution?

Actually i deleted by mistake htaccess file and after i created manually please assist me

I’ve restored the DEFAULT .htaccess
I’ve restored your database URL to
I’ve checked for PHP errors on your site there don’t appear to be any.

Automaticallu changed htaccess code how is it?

I’ve noticed the wp-content > THEMES is completely missing.

How can i resolve it?

If you’ve got your WordPress saved locally then zip the “themes” folder and upload to wp-content then extract?

I got your point thanks to help with me to resolve this issue. Actually i moved themes folder into wp-content > uploads now i moved out

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Apart from that is there any issues?

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