Sign Up not allowed


Problem description:
I created an account on my email address, I developed a website for my friend on it: when was finished, his email was put instead. Now I want to create an account for me but I can not.
At “Sign Up”, I receive: “This email is in use by another account" but when I want to log in/reset password on my email, I get “No account is associated with this email”.

Specific Need:
I need to further use my email, here, at you.

(The email is the one used also for this forum account.)


I can see no accounts registered with the same Yahoo address as your forum account.


Try signing up with a new email address in the meantime.


Please, approximately how many days would be “in the meantime”, until my email may be cleared from this link “This email is already used by another account” ?


I have submitted a ticket to a developer; there is no estimate.

In the meantime use another email.


I am still waiting, for about 9 days: it usually takes 2 weeks, 1 month ?


Developer replied with

User needs to use new email address.