Signup Verification Links & Password Reset Links

As of the 8th of May 2021 we are aware of a number of issues with our free learning platform.

We’ve notified developers / administrators and they are working hard to resolve the issues.

Known of issues

-Password Reset & Signup Verification Links - contact us moderator @ 000webhost .com

- Frequent FTP / SQL DB access dropouts - wait it out

1) Signup Links / Verification Links / Password Reset Links not working - we are aware that users are getting the emails to verify their account or reset their password but the link in the email doesn’t appear or doesn’t work.
Developers are working to resolve this, if email directly to moderator @ 000webhost .com we can manually verify the email for you or delete the inactive account and allow you to signup fresh normally.
If you can access - then change your Country / Language to Italy / Italian and then request a new link and it likely will be working fine - obviously if you are requesting a password reset you won’t be able to do this but new signups / logged in users normally can access that page.

2) FTP / SQL intermittent access - as always with the free plan when traffic is high SQL / FTP access can be patchy, there is nothing we can do on a one-one basis and we ask you wait it out patiently - if you do create a thread it will be deleted / not approved, the developers are always working to improve 000webhost network and we can only apologize for the inconvenience caused when there are periods of inaccessibility to your files / FTP and or database manager. If your website uses database to function then if SQL is high traffic / node offline then your site will load endlessly / not load / error page will appear.