Site archived, can't restore it


my free website is archived.
I tried to restore it several times since yesterday, but the site is still archived.
Here is the link:


I’ve queued it for restoration through our system and I’ll wait an hour and if it doesn’t work I’ll refer the application to a developer to manually restore.


Thank you,
it is stili not working.


Yeah noticed that after the hour, opened a ticket with a developer to resolve manually.


are there news about site restoration?


I’ll check just now :slight_smile:


Yes! :slight_smile:

Confirm if working?


Yes, it’s working, thank you, but it appears as i lost many files, so i have to rebuild it :slightly_frowning_face:
It was only a learning site but…
I learned i have to do backups :frowning_face:


Sorry to hear from my experience it archives public_html so not sure why there are missing files :slightly_frowning_face: