Site down almost every hour error 502


hi, my site is down again, since yesterday it went down at least 20 times with error 502 bad gateway and stays offline for about 20 minutes, I have another site and it´s working fine.
Which could be the problem?



Is it a WordPress one? :slight_smile:


yes is it


Hi @diegoalejo15!

Please consider reading this topic:


Doesn´t seem to be the problem in this case, I can´t even finish configuring the site…
it happens almost every hour.


That would point towards rate limiting to be honest.

Try installing Disable Heartbeat if you manage to get into wp-admin


is it a plugin? I can´t find it with that name


Sorry wrong name my bad!


I disabled the heartbeat and I can work now, although server still goes offline when I save changes, many thanks!